Más Frases del Dictado / Entrevista de Ciudadania

Más Frases Escritas en Ingles

En esta página verá ejemplos de los tipos de frases que el oficial de inmigración le puede pedir leer en voz alta o escribir durante la entrevista de ciudadania americana. Esta lista no es todo. El oficial que le entrevista puede pedirle que lea o escriba otras frases.

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Frases de la Vida Diaria

He came to live with his brother.

He has a very big dog.

He knows how to ride a bike.

He wanted to find a job.

He wanted to talk to his boss.

He went to the post office.

His wife is at work right now.

His wife worked in the house.

I am too busy to talk today.

I bought a blue car today.

I came to ____ (city) today for my interview.

I count the cars as they pass by the office.

I drive a blue car to work.

I go to work everyday.

I have three children.

I know how to speak English.

I live in the State of ____________.

I want to be a United States citizen.

It is a good job to start with.

My car does not work.

She can speak English very well.

She cooks for her friends.

She is my daughter, and he is my son.

She needs to buy some new clothes.

She wanted to live near her brother.

She was happy with her house.

The boy threw a ball.

The children bought a newspaper.

The children play at school.

The children wanted a television.

The man wanted to get a job.

The teacher was proud of her class.

The white house has a big tree.

They are a very happy family.

They are very happy with their car.

They buy many things at the store.

They came to live in the United States.

They go to the grocery store.

They have horses on their farm.

They live together in a big house.

They work well together.

Today I am going to the store.

Today is a sunny day.

Warm clothing was on sale in the store.

We are very smart to learn this.

We have a very clean house.

You cook very well.

You drink too much coffee.

You work very hard at your job.

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